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Flow Path Exhaust Sydney

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Flow Path Exhaust Sydney

The Mac Flow Path Exhaust is a revolutionary product that reduces noise emission while still maintaining performance of your vehicle. Most other systems would need to sacrifice either the longevity of your engine or the performance of your vehicle in order to reduce noise emission but the Flow Path exhaust system has been designed to deliver superior noise reduction while making very little compromise on the performance or longevity of your automotive.

The design of the Flow Path Exhaust incorporates Reflection technology which employs reflector plates and baffles to reduce noise as opposed to the more traditional and inefficient use of absorption technology such as using fibreglass as a packing material to muffle noise, or restriction technology which unfortunately has a negative effect on your engine despite the substantial reduction in noise it delivers.

When tested against some of the toughest competitors who used tradition methods of noise reduction in their exhausts, the Flow Path Exhaust proved to be the clear winner when it not only provided substantial noise reduction but also proved to be far lesser inhibitive to the overall performance of the vehicles

Soon the Flow Path exhaust will become the standard for every serious minded auto enthusiast since it delivers greater performance while also reducing sound. The advantage besides this reduction is that when the engine peaks the sound that does emit is rounder and deeper, which reflects a greater level of strength

Sound Control in this exhaust has been feted by some of the biggest names in the performance automotive parts industry and it is quickly gaining pride of place for automotive enthusiasts the world over. The passion and dedication that have gone into the design and manufacture of this product have finally borne fruit in the smiles of satisfied customers across the globe.


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